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Basic GK Questions and Answers|General Knowledge2020|GkQuiz

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How many states are there in India?

What is the full form of MMS?
Multimedia Messaging Service

How many Lok Sabha seats?

Which is the national drink of India?

What is the full form of USB?
Universal Serial Bus

Who started mughal empire in india?

What is the full form of CCTV?
Closed Circuit Television

Which temple is oldest in India?
Mundeshwari Devi Temple

Which is the first university in India?
University of Calcutta

Who is the father of BJP?
Bhairon Singh Shekhawat

How many union territories are there in India?

Which is biggest university in India?
Indira Gandhi National Open University

Which city has the first cinema in the world?

When was Congress born?
28 December 1885

Which is the biggest Theatre in India?
Raj Mandir Cinema

What is the full form of BMW?
Bayerische Motoren Werke

What is the full form of NASA? 
National Aeronautics and Space Administration

How many Hindu Rashtras are there in the world?

What is full form of USA?
United State of America

Which is the smallest country in the world?
Vatican City

How many countries are there in the world?

How many Hindu gods are there in total?
33 Crore

What is the population of India?
1,375,603,749 as of Thursday, March 5, 2020

Which caste is highest population in India?

Who was the first rail minister of India?
John Mathai

Which religion is most in world?

Who is the first martyr of India?
Mangal Pandey

How many Rajya Sabha Seats ?

When was television first invented?

Who was the first education minister of India?
Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

Who was the first to introduce print in India?
James Hicky

Who is the first woman martyr in India?
Pritilata Waddedar

Who is first Indian freedom fighter?
Dhondiya Wagh

What is the first Assamese novel?

Who formed Ahom Sabha?

Who invented the PC mouse?
Douglas Engelbart

Who printed the first Tamil book?
Henrique Henriques

Who is the father of Assamese literature?
Baikunthanath Bhattadev

Who is the real inventor of television?
Philo Taylor Farnsworth

Who was the first Assamese tea planter?
Maniram Dewan

What is the old name of Delhi?

Who is the first voter of India?
Shyam Saran Negi

Who is the father of mathematics?

Who was the first Indian woman president?
Pratibha Devisingh Patil

Which country allow female vote first?
New Zealand

When did Islam come to India?
7th century

What is the holy city of Islam?
Masjid al-Haram

Who was the first ambassador of Islam?
Mus'ab ibn Umayr

How many words are in the Quran?

Which is the first book in the world?
The Gutenberg Bible

What is the oldest biblical manuscript?
Codex Leningradensis

Who is the father of Indian press?
James Augustus Hickey

What was the first language?

Who owns Viber?

Who is the real owner of Google?
Larry Page

Who founded Google year?

Who is the founder of whats app?
Brian Acton

Who is the real founder of Facebook?
Divya Narendra

Who is the CEO of WhatsApp?
Jan Koum

Who is founder of Instagram?
Kevin Systrom

What age is Twitter for?

What is first computer virus name?

When was Microsoft founded?
4 April 1975, Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States

Who is the CEO of Android?
Andy Rubin

Who is the owner of the Microsoft?
Bill Gates and Paul Allen

Who is first judge of high court?
Sir Barnes Peacock

Who was the first woman lawyer?
Arabella Mansfield

Who is the first woman judge of India?
Fathima Beevi.

How many Assamese are there in Assam?
13 million

Who is the founder of Assamese language?
Hema Saraswati

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