What is Janata Curfew on 22 March | Current Affairs 22 March 2020

What Is Janata Curfew On 22 March 2020-Timing, Date – Coronavirus or Covid 19 Whatever we can call it is spreading Fast In India and Rest Of World. However, If We contrast And Rest Of World And India Spreading Rate Of Corona Virus Than We will See That In India Corona Virus Growth Rate Is Very Slow . Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi On 19 walk 2020 Make an Announcement About Janata Curfew Which Will Be Observe On 22nd March 2020 .

Here In This Article We are sharing about What Is Janata Curfew , Its Date And Day , Timing .

What Is Janata Curfew On 22 March 2020-Timing, Date

Country India
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Topic Janata Curfew
Issue Related To Coronavirus Or Covid 19
Date 22nd March 2020
Day Sunday
Timing 7 AM To 9 Pm

What Is Janata Curfew ?

Janata Curfew Will Be Observe On 22nd March 2020 On Sunday From 7 Am To 9 Pm . Right now Main Thing Is Keeping People Away From Road And Staying At Home . As per Study Corona Can Be Stopped From Spreading Only By Making Social Distancing .
PM Modi asked all the residents of the nation to remain off the streets and open places on Sunday (March 22)
Individuals working in basic administrations, for example, police, clinical administrations, media, home conveyance, putting out fires and serving the country and so forth won't have to participate in the Janata Curfew.
At 5 pm, all the residents are mentioned by the leader to support the individuals working in basic administrations, in the hours of coronavirus, by remaining in their entryways and applauding and ringing their chimes.
PM Modi has mentioned the residents to educate in any event 10 individuals of the Janata Curfew.
"On the off chance that conceivable, it would be ideal if you call at any rate 10 individuals consistently and educate them concerning the 'Janata Curfew' just as the measures to forestall,"

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