1) What is the reduced sales tax on petrol and diesel ?
a) 50 paisa
b) 60 paisa
c) 70 paisa
d) 80 paisa Ans:A
2) Which tax has been withdrawn? a)Agriculture tax
b) Petrol and diesel
c) Bus service
d) None of these Ans:A

3) GST growth rate in Assam is
a)12% b)13% c)15% d)20%
4) How much amount have been allotted monthly for the ration of police constables?
a) Rs 2000
b) Rs 3000
c) Rs 4000
d) Rs 5000

5) To whom Assam Govt offered direct entry into Assam Civil Service as DSP..
a) Mary Kom
b) Shiva Thapa
c) Hima Das
d) None of these Ans:C
6) How much amount will be transferred to TEA GARDEN workers to 7,21,485 bank accounts ?
a) Rs 2000
b) Rs 3000
c) Rs 4000
d) Rs 5000

7) How many new schools will be set up to compete with private schools?
a)100 b)200 c)300 d)400
8) Special free bus service for ? a)Men
b)Women c)Senior Citizens
d)Both B and C Ans:D

9) How much dues to be paid to each college and university students to pay hostel fee?
a) Rs 1000
b) Rs 2000
c) Rs 500
d) Rs 900
10) How many families will get free rice under National Food Security Act 2013? a)55 Lakh
b) 56 Lakh
c) 57 Lakh
d) 60 Lakh Ans:C

11) How much additional stake will be given to Numaligarh Refinery Ltd?
a) Rs 1,500 crore
b) Rs 2,000 crore
c) Rs 3000 crore
D)Rs 5000 crore
Ans:A… 13.65%
12) How much amount will be given to each tea worker as Gratuity after retirement?
a)Rs 20,000
b)Rs 50,000
c)Rs 60,000
d) Rs 1 lakh Ans:B

13) How much amount will be given to expecting mothers in tea gardens to take care of their health?
a)Rs 15000
b)Rs 18000
c)Rs 20000
d)Rs 25000
14) How much amount will be given to each member of rural youth self help groups
a)Rs 20000
b)Rs 50000
c)Rs 60000
d)Rs 80000

15) How many flagship schemes is announced by the Govt?
a) 15 b)18 c)19 d)20
16) The number of internet consumer in Assam as compared to 54 lakh in 2015 is a)1.2 Crore
b) 1.15 Crore
c) 2 Crore
d) 3 Crore Ans:B

17) The state expenditure increased by in the last three years
a)50% b)60% c)70% d)80%
18) What is the new feature included in the budget 2020-21? a)e-budget
b) QR Code
c) Smart budget
d) None of these Ans:C

19) The new bus service for women and senior citizens will be known as
b) White bus Service b)Pink bus Service
c) Blue bus Service
d) Red bus Service Ans:B
20) The amount of expenditure earmarked for Assam Budget 2020-21 is a)Rs 1,05,246.23 crore
b)Rs 1,06,246.23 crore
c)Rs 1,07,246.23 crore
d)Rs 1,08246.23 crore Ans:A

21) The expected revenue earning is estimated to be
a)Rs 91,930.80 cr
b) Rs 92,930 cr
c) Rs 93,930 cr
d) Rs 94,930 cr Ans:A
22) Under category A,Subsidy will be given to how many domestic power consumers?
a) 35 Lakh
b) 38 Lakh
c) 39 Lakh
d) 40 Lakh Ans:B

23) How much amount proposed for free power subsidy?
a) 10 cr
b) 15 cr
c) 20 cr
d) 35 cr Ans:B
24) How much unit of free power will be available ? a)20 Unit
b) 30 Unit
c) 40 Unit
d) 50 Unit Ans:B

25) How much amount sanctioned for free rice for the year 2020-21?
a) 850 Cr
b) 872 Cr
c) 880 Cr
d) 890 Cr
26) How much amount sanctioned under Chah bagicha Dhan puraskhar Scheme? a)Rs 220 Crore
b) Rs 240 Crore
c) Rs 250 Crore
d) Rs 260 Crore Ans:A

27) How many new schools will be opened under tea garden areas?
a)102 b)103 c)104 d)105
28) How much amount have been increased under Arundhati Swarna yojana? a)40,000
b)50,000 C)60,000 D)80,000

29) What is the new award proposed for women?
A)Chandra Prabha Saikiani Award b)Aideo Handique Women Award
c) Sati joymoti women award
d) Mual Gabharu Award Ans:B
30) How much percent of electrification ahs been achieved by Assam power? a)50%
b)60% c)70% d)100% An:D

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