BEST 100 MCQ INDIAN GEOGRAPHY-Indian Geography Quiz Questions and Answers

Indian Geography Quiz for competitive exams

1) India is located on which part of Indo-Australian Plate?
a)Northern b)Southern c)Eastern d)Western Ans: A
2) Which is the lowest point of India ?
a) Lonar Crater lake
b) Chilika Lake c)Kuttanad d)Wular Lake Ans:C

3) Patkai mountain range is located in which part of India
a)Eastern b)Southern c)Northern d)Western Ans: A
4) India is divided into how many seismic zones according to the earthquake zoning map
d)7 Ans:B

5) Longest beach in India
a)Varkala Beach b)Cavelossim Beach c)Agonda Beach
d)Marina Beach Ans:D
6) Largest state areawise a)Rajasthan
b)Gujarat c)Madhya Pradesh
d)Andhra Pradesh Ans:A

7) Except Assam,river Brahmaputra pass through which state in India
a)Manipur b)West Bengal
c)Arunachal Pradesh d)Tripura
Ans: C
8) How many types of Soil found in India? a)4
d)9 Ans:B

9) Only Indian state that share its boundary with Sikkim
a)Assam b)Bihar
c)Arunachal Pradesh d)West Bengal Ans:D
10) Chenab is a tributary river of which river a)Ganga
b)Brahmaputra c)Indus d)Kaveri River Ans: C

11) Rank of India in the World in Coal Production
d)4 Ans:C
12) In which town,the Alakananda and Bhagirathi rivers combine to form Ganga River
a)Devprayag b)Haridwar c)Rishikesh d)Rudraprayag Ans: A

13) What type of soil is found mostly in India
a) Red Soil
b) Black Soil
c) Laterite Soil
d) Alluvial Soil Ans: D
14) Which one is not a tributary of ganga? a)Gomti
b)Koshi c)Mahanadi d)Son
Ans: C

15) Longest river in India that flows entirely within India
a)Ganga b)Godavari c)Narmada d)Brahmaputra Ans: B
16) Western end of the Vindhya range
a)Rajasthan b)Punjab c)Maharastra d)Gujarat Ans:D

17) Khasi hills is located in which state
a)Nagaland b)Manipur c)Tripura d)Meghalaya Ans:D
18) Kaziranga Natioanl park is located in which state
a)Odisha b)Assam c)Sikkim d)West Bengal Ans: B

19) Which country shares longest border with India?
a)China b)Pakistan c)Bangladesh d)Myanmar Ans:C
20) Which of the following longitudes determines the Indian Standard time?
a) 82.5 Degree E
b) 84.2 Degree E
c) 86.5 Degree E
d) 87.5 Degree E Ans:A

21) Which river has the second largest river basin beside Ganga?
a)Brahmaputra b)Godavari c)Indus d)Narmada Ans: B
22) India’s highest waterfall Jog falls located in
a)Maharastra b)Madhya Pradesh
c)Himachal Pradesh d)Karnataka
Ans: D

23) Adam bridge is located between India and
a)Nepal b)China c)Sri Lanka d)Myanmar Ans:C
24) India’s largest river island Majuli is located in the river
a) Ganga b)Brahmaputra c)Indus d)Kaveri

25) How many countries shares their border with India?
d)8 Ans: C
26) Which Indian state shares longest international border? a)Jammu and Kashmir
b) Mizoram c)West Bengal d)Rajasthan Ans:D

27) The largest Buddhist monastery in India found in the city
a) Dharamsala b)Saranath c)Tawang d)Kochi
28) Longest coastline in India is in which state a)Tamil nadu
b) Andhra Pradesh c)Goa
d)Gujarat Ans:D

29) Largest producer of Bauxite in India
a)Andhra Pradesh b)Goa
c)Bihar d)Odhisha Ans:D
30) Imphal is the capital city of a)Nagaland
b)Manipur c)Mizoram d)Arunachal Pradesh Ans: B

31) Kovalam Beach is located in which state
a)Goa b)Kerala c)Tamil nadu
d)Andhra Pradesh Ans: B
32) Which city is not on the river bank of Ganga? a)Varanasi
b)Kolkata c)Lucknow d)Bijnor Ans: C

33) Mehrangarh Fort is located in which city
a)Jodhpur b)Udaipur c)Jaipur d)Bharatpur Ans: A
34) Largest fort in India
a) Red Fort
b) Gwalior Fort
c) Golkonda fort d)Chittorgarh Fort Ans:D

35) The hill station known as Queen of the Satpuras
a) Nilgiri b)Panchmarhi c)Shillong d)Ooty
36) Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is located in the state a)Gujarat
b) Madhya Pradesh c)Rajasthan d)Odisha
Ans: C

37) How many states are there within Indian Deccan plateau?
d)8 Ans:D
38) Highest altitude plateau region in India a)Deccan Plateau
b) Shillong Plateau
c) Mysore Plateau
d) Ladakh Plateau Ans:D

39) Karakoram Pass is a mountain pass between India and
a)China b)Pakistan c)Myanmar d)Bangladesh Ans:A
40) Valley of Flowers National park is found on the mountain of
a)Kanchenjunga b)Kamet c)Nanda Devi d)Siniolchu Ans:C

41) Which state do not share boundary with Bhutan?
a)Arunachal Pradesh b)Assam
c)Sikkim d)Bihar Ans: D
42) Which state do not share boundary with Pakistan? a)Rajasthan
b)Punjab c)Haryana d)Gujarat Ans:C

43) Last major city in India through which Grand Trunk road passed before entering in Pakistan
a)Attari b)Jalandhar c)Ludhiana d)Ambala Ans:A
44) The NH-1 links New Delhi with the city
a)Jammu b)Agra c)Attari d)Jaipur Ans:C

45) Banglaore city is located on the river bank of
a) Mahanadi b)Vrishabhavathi c)Krishna d)Bhadra
46) Which city is not on the river bank of Yamuna? a)Agra
b) Mathura c)Etawah d)Kannauj Ans:D

47) Total length of Indian Coastline
a) 6017 km
b) 9826 km
c) 7517 km
d) 8614 km Ans:C
48) Largest coastal lagoon in India a)Chilika lake
b) Wular Lake
c) Dal lake
d) Loktak Lake Ans:A

49) Highest altitude hill station in India
a)Shillong b)Leh c)Shimla d)Munnar Ans:B
50) Kodaikanal hill station is located in
a)Tamil Nadu b)Karnataka c)Goa d)Kerala  Ans: A

51) Largest producer of Soyabean
a)Haryana b)MP
c)Kerala d)West Bengal Ans:B
52) Territorial water of India extend up to a)8 nautical miles
b) 10 nautical miles
c) 12 nautical miles
d) 16 nautical miles Ans:C

53) Which line passes through India?
a) Equator
b) Tropic of Capricorn c)International Date Line d)Tropic of Cancer
54) How many National parks have been authorized in India till now? a)102
b)103 c)104 d)105
Ans: B

55) Which NP is found in Bihar?
a) Valmiki National Park
b) Manas National Park
c) Namdapha National Park
d) Vansda National Park Ans:A
56) Which state share its boundary with Myanmar? a)Assam
b)Meghalaya c)Mizoram d)Sikkim Ans: C

57) Highest mountain peak of Western Ghats
a)Meesapulimala b)Doddabetta
c) Anamudi d)Kolaribetta Ans: C
58) The hill station ooty is located in which mountain a)Nilgiri
b)Western Ghat c)Himalaya
d)None of the above Ans: A

59) The Yarlung Tsangpo river in India is also known as
a)Ganga b)Indus c)Brahmaputra d)None of these Ans:C
60) In which city the Yamuna river merges with the river ganga
a)Varanasi b)Allahabad c)Delhi d)Lucknow Ans:B

61) Which Indian State is connected to Sri lanka by The Palk Strait?
a)Tamil Nadu b)Kerala c)Karnataka d)Andhra Pradesh Ans: A
62) Which state shares its international border with Bangladesh and Myanmar?
a)Assam b)Meghalaya c)Tripura d)Mizoram Ans: C

63) Which mountain range separates the indo-gangetic plain from the Deccan plateau?
a) The Aravalli
b) The Vindhayas
c) The Satpura
d) The Sahyadri Ans: C
64) The Chilika lake is located in a)West Bengal
b)Odisha c)Kerala d)Tamil Nadu Ans: B

65) The place of India which does not have tropical evergreen forest is
a) Eastern pat of Western Ghats
b) Western part of Western Ghats
c) Andaman and Nicobar Islands
d) Eastern part of subtropical Himlayas Ans:A
66) India’s only active volcano is located in which island a)Elephanta Island
b) Havelock Island
c) Barren Island
d) Car Nicobar Ans:C

67) The outer range if which mountain is known as Sivalik
a)Himalayas b)Nilgiri c)Aravalli d)Patkai Ans: A
68) Which of the following river does not originate in Indian territory?
a) Mahandi b)Brahmaputra c)Ganga d)Satluj

69) How much percentage of tropical cyclones of the World affects the Indian coasts?
a)5 b)10 c)15 d)18
70) The Northern Plains of India are separated from the Peninsular region by a)Vindhya mountains
b) Aravali mountains
c) Satpura mountains
d) Sahyadri mountains Ans:A

71) Old alluvial soil known as
a)Bangar b)Khaddar c)Regur d)Terai Ans:A
72) The youngest mountains
a)Western Ghats b)Himalayas c)Eastern Ghats d)Vindhyas Ans:B

73) Silent valley in Kerala is the home for largest population of
a)Leopards b)Bisons
c)Lion-tailed macaques d)Hornbills
74) Deccan plateau is formed from a)Sedimentary rocks
b)Sand stone c)Metamorphic rocks d)Igneous rocks Ans:D

75) The highest range of Himalayan mountains are called
a)Himachal b)Himadri c)Himavat d)Himaraj Ans: B
76) Residual mountains in India
a)Aravallis b)Himalays c)Garo Hills
d)Patkai Hills Ans:A

77) The forests found in Assam and Meghalaya are ---type of forests
a) Alphine Forests of Himalayan
b) Mangrove forests c)Evergreen forests d)Tropical Grasslands Ans: C
78) Which type of soil retains maximum amount of India?
a) Red soil
b) Laterite soil
c) Alluvial soil
d) Clayey soil Ans:D

79) Mangroove vegetation in India is most extensively found in
a) The Sundarbans
b) Rann of Kachchh
c) Malabar Coast
d) Tamil Nadu Ans:A
80) The state having largest area under black soil is a)Gujarat
b)Maharastra c)Karnataka d)Andhra Pradesh Ans:B

81) Which strait lies between the Andaman Sea and South China Sea?
a) Palk Strait
b) Dover Strait
c) Sunda Strait
d) Malacca Strait Ans:D
82) Which pass joins Jammu and Chamba? a)Padri
b)Dulchi c)Hamtah d)Sach Ans: A

83) Which is not a part of great Himalayan range?
a)Bara-lacha pass b)Kang –la c)parang-la d)Rohtang –la Ans: D
84) The pass that connects Himachal Pradesh and Tibet is
a)Shipki la b)Nathula c)Banihal d)Sojila Ans: A

85) Most suitable soil for cultivation of cotton in India
a) Red Soil
b) Laterite Soil
c) Alluvial soil
d) Regur soil Ans: C
86) Which coast receive rainfall from North-Eastern monsoon? a)Konkan Coast
b) Malabar Coast
c) Gujarat Coast d)Coromandal Coast Ans: D

87) Which pass has been created by the Indus river?
a) Rohtas pass
b) Nathula pass c)Baralachala pass d)Banihal pass Ans:D
88) Which line divides India into two equal parts?
a) Equator
b) TROPIC OF Cancer
c) Tropic of Capricorn
d) Arctic Circle Ans:B

89) Home of Lakshadweep
a) Arabian Sea
b) Bay of Bengal
c) Indian Ocean
d) Atlantic Ocean Ans: A
90) Loktak lake is situated in a)Kerala
b)Uttaranchal c)Manipur d)Rajasthan Ans:C

91) Sorrow of BENGAL
a) The gandak river
b) The Kosi
c) The Son
d) The Damodar Ans:B
92) Largest river basin in India a)The Indus
b) The Ganga
c) The Brahmaputra
d) The Krishna Ans:B

93) Local wind blowing in the northern plains during summers
a) Kaal Baisakhi
b) Trade Winds c)Loo
d)None of these Ans:C
94) Characteristics of Cold weather season in India a)Warm days and warm nights
b) Warm days and Cold nights
c) Cool days and cool nights
d) Cold days and Warm nights Ans: C

95) Wular lake is located in
a)Rajasthan b)Punjab c)UP
d)Jammu and Kashmir Ans:D
96) The River Narmada is originated from a)Satpura
b)Amarkantak c)Brahmagiri
d)Slopes of the Western ghats Ans:B

97) Salt water lake
a)Smabhar b)Wualar c)Dal
d)Gobind Sagar Ans: A
98) A landmass bounded by sea on three sides is referred to as a)Coast
b)Peninsula c)Island d)None Ans:B

99) Mountain ranges in the eastern part of India forming its boundary with Myanamr are collectively called as
a) Himachal b)Purvanchal c)Uttaranchal d)None of these Ans:B
100)The Western coast strip,south of Goa is referred to as
d)Northern CircAR

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