MCQ’S NORTH EAST GK - North East General Knowledge,সাধাৰণ জ্ঞানৰ প্ৰশ্ন,অসমীয়া সাধাৰণ জ্ঞান 2021,অসমীয়া সাধাৰণ জ্ঞান ২০২১

সাধাৰণ জ্ঞানৰ প্ৰশ্ন,অসমীয়া সাধাৰণ জ্ঞান 2021,অসমীয়া সাধাৰণ জ্ঞান ২০২১,অসমৰ সাধাৰণ জ্ঞান 2021,সাধাৰণ জ্ঞান,কুইজ প্রশ্ন অসমীয়া,অসম কুইজ 2021,অসমীয়া কুইজ,অসম কুইজ,সাধাৰণ জ্ঞানৰ প্ৰশ্ন আৰু উত্তৰ,অসমীয়া কুইজ ২০২০,সাধাৰণ জ্ঞান কুইজ 2020,ভাৰতীয় সংবিধান কুইজ,সাধাৰণ জ্ঞান 2021,ভাৰত কুইজ 2021,অসমীয়া কুইজ 2020,সাধাৰণ জ্ঞানৰ প্ৰশ্ন 2021,গণিতৰ কুইজ,সাধাৰণ জ্ঞান কুইজ 2021,অসমীয়া কুইজ 2021,সাধাৰণ জ্ঞানৰ প্ৰশ্ন আৰু উত্তৰ 2021,অসমীয়া কুইজ,general knowledge questions 2021,অসমৰ কুইজ,ভাৰত কুইজ 2021,Assam gk mcq,সংগীতৰ কুইজ,অসম কুইজ 2021,অসমীয়া জ্ঞান,সাধাৰণ জ্ঞান কুইজ,assam gk, 

General Knowledge Questions for Competitive Exams

সাধাৰণ জ্ঞান 2021,ভাৰত কুইজ 2021,অসমীয়া কুইজ 2020,সাধাৰণ জ্ঞানৰ প্ৰশ্ন 2021,গণিতৰ কুইজ,সাধাৰণ জ্ঞান কুইজ 2021,অসমীয়া কুইজ 2021,সাধাৰণ জ্ঞানৰ প্ৰশ্ন আৰু উত্তৰ 2021,অসমীয়া কুইজ,general knowledge questions 2021,অসমৰ কুইজ,ভাৰত কুইজ 2021,Assam gk mcq,সংগীতৰ কুইজ,অসম কুইজ 2021,অসমীয়া জ্ঞান,সাধাৰণ জ্ঞান কুইজ,assam gk,

1) Which is the largest state in North-East India?
b)Arunachal Pradesh
d)None of these


2) How many states are there in North-East India?


Arunachal Pradesh,Assam,Manipur,Meghalaya,Mizoram,Nagaland,Sikkim,Tripura. But Sikkim is not considered under seven sister-state.

3) Which is the smallest North-eastern state in India?
a) Manipur
d)None of these Ans:C
4) a)Arunachal Pradesh—Itanagar b)Assam-Dispur
c)Manipur-Imphal d)Meghalaya-Shimla
Find the odd one out Ans:D

5) When did Arunachal Pradesh became the Part of India?
a) 21st JAN,1972
b) 21st JAN,1975
c) 21st JAN,1971
d) 21st JAN,1970
6) When did Arunachal Pradesh became a full-fledged state of India? a)20TH FEB,1985
b) 20th FEB,1987
c) 20TH FEB,1989
d) 20th FEB,1990

7) Arunachal Pradesh does not share the boundary with which country?
a) Bhutan b)Nepal c)Myanmar d)China Ans:B
North-China/Separated by McMohan line. South-Assam/Nagaland.
East-Myanmar West-Bhutan.
8) Who is the current CM of Arunachal Pradesh? a)Neiphiu Rio
b) Pinarayi Vijayan
c) Pema Khandu
d) None of these Ans:C

9) Assam shares its boundary with which country?
a)Bangladesh b)Bhutan c)Both a and b
d)None of these Ans:C
10) When did Tripura became a constituent state of the Indian union? a)21ST JAN,1972
b) 15th OCT,1947
c) 15th AUG,1949
d) None of these Ans:A
1949,15TH OCT---Officially became a part of India 1956,1ST SEP---UNION TERRITORY.

11) Who is the current CM of Tripura?
a) Manik Sarkar
b) Biplab Kumar Deb
c) Kiren Rijiju
d) None of these Ans:B
12) The hornbill festival is celebrated every year from 1st to 10th Dec in which of the following states in India?
a)Sikkim b)Manipur c)Nagaland d)None of these Ans:C

13) Which is the highest peak of Megahalya Plateau?
a) Shillong Peak
b) Nokrek Peak c)Manaslu d)None of these Ans:A
Khasi hills,altitude---1961 m Nokrek Peak (Garo hills)---1515 m 14)Folk dance of Meghalaya a)Nongkrem
b)Lavani c)Chhau

15) Floating lake is located in which North-Eastern state?
a) Maharastra b)Manipur c)Meghalaya d)None of these Ans:B
Name of the Lake---Loktak Lake. 53 Km from Imphal.
16) Official language of Nagaland a)English
b) Hindi c)French

17) Most famous dance of Mizoram
a)Dumhal b)Bihu c)Cheraw d)None of these Ans:C
18) When did Sikkim became an associated state of India?
a) 16TH May,1957
b) 16th May,1975
c) 16th May,1972
d) None of these Ans:C

19) Biggest river of North-East India
a)Indus b)Godavari c)Brahmaputra d)None of these Ans:C
20) Nathu La is a mountain pass is located in which state
a)Sikkim b)Arunachal Pradesh c)Meghalaya
d)None of these Ans:A
The pass is 4,310 m above sea level.

21) Jampui hills is located in which state in India
a) Tripura b)Manipur c)Assam d)None of these Ans:A
Altitude----1000 metres above the sea level.
22) India’s longest bridge recently inaugurated by PM Modi is a)Bogi Beel bridge.
b) Ganga Rail Bridge c)Dhola-Sadia Bridge
d)Bandra-Worli Sea link Bridge Ans:C

23) Name of the state flower of Meghalaya
a) Lady Slipper Orchid
b) Water Lily c)Nageswar d)Red vanda Ans:A
24) The name of Meghalaya was ascribed by
a) Rabindra Nath Tagore
b) Gopinath Bordoloi
c) Dr .Suniti Kumar Chattopadhyaya
d) None of these

25) Mary Kom belongs to
a)Manipur b)Meghalaya c)Nagaland d)Mizoram Ans:A
26) Which of the following state does not share boundary with Bangladesh?
a)Meghalaya b)Mizoram c)Tripura d)Nagaland

27) The person who got Dada Saheb Phalke award from North-East for the first time is
a)Bhupen Hazarika b)Fakruddin Ali Ahmed c)Satyajit Ray
d)None of these Ans:A
28) Density of population is low in which state--- a)Nagaland
b)Meghalaya c)Arunachal Pradesh d)Manipur
Acc to 2011 census----

29) Headquarter of North-East Council(NEC) is
a)Dispur b)Aizwal c)Shillong d)Itanagar Ans:C
30) First National Sports University in India is in..
a)Manipur b)Mizoram c)Nagaland d)Assam

31) Which of the following Wild Life Santuary is located in Mizoram?
a)Manas b)Sonai rupai c)Murlen d)Trishna Ans:C
32) Dimapur is situated in
a)Nagaland b)Assam c)Manipur d)Meghalaya

33) India’s first Glass mosque is in
a) Guwahati b)Kohima c)Shillong d)Itanagar Ans:C
Buid in---
34) The state having more than 90% of its area under forests is a)Assam
b) Arunachal Pradesh c)Madhya Pradesh d)Nagaland

35) How many members are there in North East Council?
d)9 Ans:B
36) Which North-East state has longest International border? a)Manipur
b)Assam c)Arunachal Pradesh d)Sikkim

37) The 100th Airport of India is situated in a)Arunachal Pradesh
b)Meghalaya c)Nagaland d)Sikkim Ans:D
38) Previous name of North-Eastern state known as NEFA
a)Arunachal Pradesh b)Sikkim
c)Mizoram d)Manipur Ans:A

39) The tribes of Garo,Khasi and Jaintia belong to the race—
a)Mongoloid b)Negrito c)Mediterranean d)Proto-Australoid Ans:A
40) The Longest river in Mizoram is
a)Tlawang b)Mat c)Chhimtuipui d)Barak

41) Uranium is available in
a)Meghalaya b)Nagaland c)Manipur d)Mizoram Ans:A
42) Which state is to the east of Tripura?
a)Meghalaya b)Sikkim c)Mizoram
d)Arunachal Pradesh Ans:C

43) Oldest and best natural golf courses in world is located in
a)Itanagar b)Shillong c)Imphal d)Gangtok Ans:B
44) Which Ammendment bill has been introduced to increase the financial and executive powers of the 10 Autonomous Councils in the 6th schedule areas of the North-Eastern region of the government?
a)124th b)125th c)126th d)None

45) Entry to require Inner Line permit ..
a) Sikkim b)Arunachal Pradesh c)Meghalaya d)Manipur
46) What is the new name of the railway station of Silchar Railway Station? a)Barak Valley railway station
b) Bhasa Sahid railway station c)Kumbhigram railway station d)Nine of these

47) Lai Haroaba is the traditional
a) Manipuri dance
b) Naga Dance
c) Assamese dance
d) Mizo dance Ans:A
48) State animal of Meghalaya a)Wild buffalo
b) One horned Rhino
c) Clouded Leopard d)Sangai

49) Which state of India has no Scheduled Caste population?
a)Manipur b)Meghalaya c)Nagaland d)Mizoram Ans:

GK Quiz on North East India with Answers

50) State bird of Manipur
a)Great Hornbill b)Koel
c)Nongin d)Sparrow

51) Jainsem is a famous
a)Dance b)Dress c)Tree d)Hill range Ans:B
52) India’s largest Buddhist monastery is situated in a)Sikkim
c)Arunachal Pradesh d)Tripura

53) Shiroi hill national park is located in
a)Meghalaya b)Manipur c)Assam d)Sikkim Ans:B
54) Main tribe of Assam is
a)Bodo b)Rabha c)Mikir d)Tiwa Ans:A

55) When did Mizoram became a state?
a) 20th Feb ,1987
b) 20th Feb,1972
c) 20th Feb,1981
d) 20th Feb,1979 Ans:A
56) Highest peak of Mizoram is a)Mount Saramati
b)Patkai Hills c)Kanchanjunga d)Blue Mountain Ans:D

57) Fully organic state declared in India is
a)Arunachal Pradesh b)Kerala
c)Orissa d)Sikkim Ans:D
58) The person who won PADMASHRI,2017 award from Assam is a)Prof.Ajoy kumar Ray
b) Eli Ahmed
c) Jitendra NATH Goswami
d) None of these Ans:C
Science and technology.

59) India’s 2nd Film and Television Institute was set up in
a)Arunachal Pradesh b)Mizoram
c)Assam d)Tripura Ans:A Yea---
60) Total area of Tripura a)10,491.69 sq km b)11,342.69 sq km c)10,467.96 sq km d)10,893.64 sq km

61) 3rd smallest state of India a)Tripura
b)Goa c)Sikkim d)Mizoram Ans:A
62) Total area of Mizoram a)21,081 sq km
b) 24,897 sq km
c) 30,783 sq km
d) 19,673 sq km

63) Total area of Meghalaya
a) 22,429 sq km
b) 21,783 sq km
c) 23,893 sq km
d) 18,894 sq km Ans:A
64) Total area of North-East a)203,353 sq km
b)261,230 sq km
c)246,893 sq km
d)274,345 sq km Ans:B

65) Total area of Sikkim
a) 7,096 sq km
b) 6,893 sq km
c) 8,347 sq km
d) 9,345 sq km Ans:A
66) Total area of Manipur a)22,327 sq km
b) 20,127 sq km
c) 12,453 sq km
d) 17,398 sq km Ans:A

GK Quiz on North East India

67) Smallest state in north-east
a)Mizoram b)Sikkim c)Meghalaya d)Tripura Ans:B
68) Total area of Nagaland
a) 12,324 sq km
b) 24,783 sq km
c) 16,597 sq km
d) 14,673 sq km Ans:C

69) Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh attained statehood in
a)1987 b)1967 c)1934 d)1955
70) The date of formation of Meghalaya a)21st JAN,1971
b) 21st JAN,1972
c) 21st JAN,1954
d) 21st JAN,1987

71) Assam was formally inaugurated as a state in
a) 12th JAN,1955
b) 26th JAN,1950
c) 20th DEC,1935
d) 25th JAN,1934
72) Statehood day of Manipur a)26th JAN
b) 19th FEB
c) 21st JAN
d) 23rd MAR Ans:C

73) Nagaland was formally inaugurated in
a)11th OCT,1967 B)1ST JAN,1945 c)1st DEC,1963
d)15th NOV,1989
74) Tripura was formed in a)21st JAN,1972
b) 22nd OCT,1967
c) 26th July,1972
d) 30th JAN,1990

75) Nagaland was inaugurated in
a) 11th OCT,1967
b) 1st JAN,1945
c) 1st DEC,1963
d) 15tH NOV,1989
76) Nagaland became a separate state in a)1954
b)1967 c)1963 d)1972

77) Statehood Day of Manipur
a) 19th FEB
b) 26th JAN
c) 21st JAN
d) 23rd MARC Ans:C
78) Capital of Tripura a)Gangtok b)Agartala c)Shillong
d)Kohima Ans:B

79) Saga Dawa festival is celebrated in
a)Sikkim b)Manipur c)Meghalaya d)Assam Ans:A
80) Wangla festival is celebrated in
a)Sikkim b)Manipur c)Meghalaya d)Nagaland Ans:C

81) Yaoshang and Chavang kut festival is celebrated in
a)Assam b)Manipur c)Meghalaya d)Nagaland Ans:B
82) Kharchi Puja is celebrated in
a)Tripura b)Manipur c)Meghalaya d)Nagaland

83) Solung ,Losar,Murung,Monpa ,reh,Mopin,Boori boot festival is celebrated in
a)Tripura b)Arunachal c)Meghalaya d)Manipur Ans:B
84) Thang –TA is the traditional martial art of
a)Manipur b)Mizoram c)Assam d)Meghalaya

85) Balpakram Wildlife Sanctuary is located in
a)Meghalaya b)Assam c)Manipur d)Tripura Ans:A
86) Keibul-Lamjao Wild Life Sanctuary is located in
a)Mizoram b)Manipur c)Tripura d)Assam Ans:B

general knowledge quiz on north east india

87) Pakhui WILDLIFE Sanctuary is located in
a)Assam b)Arunachal c)Mizoram d)Meghalaya Ans:B
88) Clouded Leopard National park is in
a)Tripura b)Meghalaya c)Manipur

89) Biggest Stock market in Nirth-east India
a)Dimapur b)Guwahati c)Shillong d)Agartala Ans:B
90) Peace garden of North –east
a)Mizoram b)Sikkim c)Arunachal

91) Nerve-centre of North-East business activities
a)Imphal b)Dimapur c)Shillong d)Guwahati Ans:D
92) The market where both Indian and Burmese note currencies are accepted
a) Ima Market
b) Tura Market
c) Moreh Market
d) Amarour Market Ans:C

94) North-East state having highest reserves of medicinal herbs
a) Assam b)Arunachal c)Nagaland d)MEGHALAYA
95) Classical dance of Manipur a)Wangal dance
b) Changsang c)Ajhi Lhamu
d)Rass Lila

96) Most interesting event of Durga Puja celebration in Manipur
a) Heikru Hitongbo b)Yaoshang c)Kwak Yatra d)None
97) KHASI --- word is found in which book of SANKARDEVA a)Rukmini Haran
b) Kalika Purana
c) Bhagvata Purana d)Kirtan

98) Which falls in Meghalaya is called THE SEVEN SISTERS FALLS?
a)Nohsngithiang Falls b)Sweet falls
c) Elephant falls
d) Diathlen Falls Ans:A
99) Shillong is also known as a)Manchester of East b)Highland of North East
c)Scotland of the East d)None

100) CM of Arunachal Pradesh
a) Pema Khandu
b) Biplab deb
c) Congrad Sangma d)Sonowal

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