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Indian Geography Mcq

1) The battle of Plassey was fought between British East India Company and
a) Mir Jafar b)Siraj-ud-Daulah c)Shuja-ud-Daula d)Shah Alam II Ans:B
2) The Third Anglo-mysore was fought between
a) British and Tipu Sultan
b) British and Hyder Ali
c) British and Franch Army
d) None of the above Ans:A

3) In which year Queen Victoria took the title of EMPRESS OF INDIA?
a)1757 b)1857 c)1876 d)1902
4) In which year partition of Bengal took place? a)1898
b)1905 c)1900 d)1907

5) PM of Britian when India got Independence
a) Clement Attlee
b) Winston Churchill
c) Ramsay Mac Donald
d) Neville Chamberlin Ans:A
6) Founder of Chalukya dynasty a)Kirtivarman I
b) Pulakesi I c)Rajaraja d)Vishnubardhana Ans:B

7) Who wrote the Pamphlet –Why I am an Atheist – In jail?
a)Mahatma gandhi b)Jawaharlal Nehru c)Bhagat Singh
d)Subhash Chandra Bose Ans:C
8) The train robbery KAKAORI CONSPIRACY took place in the year a)1920
b)1923 c)1925 d)1930

9) The Jallianawala Bagh massacre took place in
a)1913 b)1902 c)1915 d)1919
10) Who ordered the shooting at Jallianawala bagh that killed thousand protesters? a)John Akehurst
b) Reginald Dyer
c) Fredrick John Alfieri
d) John Armstrong Ans: B

11) Who completed the construction of Harimandir Sahib (Golden Temple ) IN 1604?
a) Guru Amar Das
b) Guru Hargobind
c) Guru Har Rai
d) Guru Arjun Ans:D
12) Who is the 10th or last of the Sikh Gurus? a)Guru Gobind Singh
b) Guru Teghbahadur
c) Guru Amar Das
d) Guru Har Krishnan Ans:A

13) Nalanda,which was the center of higher education in ancient India was located in
a)Punjab b)Haryana c)Bihar d)Kashmir Ans:C
14) Which Sikh Guru built the Akal Takht in Harmandir Sahib Complex in Amritsar?
a) Guru Arjan
b) Guru Hargobind
c) Guru Ram Das
d) Guru Angad Ans:B

15) Guru Nanak was born in
a)1398 b)1452 c)1469 d)1502
16) Who built the Victoria terminus (Chhatrapati Shivaji terminus Railway Station) Mumbai,India?
a) Laurie Baker
b) Fredrick William Stevens
c) Charles Correa
d) Christopher Charles Benninger Ans:B

17) How many years did Mughal Empire exist in India?
a) 400 years
b) 300 Years
c) 331 years
d) 262 years Ans:C
18) First Capital city of Mughals in India a)Delhi
b)Lahore c)Fatehpur Sikri d)Agra
Ans: D

19) Which Mughal emperor granted a Firman to the East India Company for duty free trading rights in Bengal?
a)Aurangzeb b)Furrukhsiyar c)Bahadur Shah I
d)Muhammad Shah Ans:B
20) How many years did Aurangzeb ruled in India? a)49 years
b) 52 years
c) 35 years
d) 45 years Ans: D

21) Swami Vivekananda attend the parliament of the World’s religions in America
In the year a)1865 b)1893 c)1895 d)1900
Ans: B
22) In which city the Parliament of the World’s Religions was held that Swami Vivekananda attended
a) New York
b) Los Angeles c)Chicago d)New Orleans

23) Gadadhar Chattopadhay is the original name of
a)Swami Vivekananda b)Ramkrishna Paramhansha c)Rabindranath Tagore
d)Sri Aurobindo Ans: B
24) Narendranath Dutta is the original name of a)Swami Vivekananda
b)Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar c)Rabindranath Tagore d)Ram Mohan Roy

25) Swami Vivekananda died in the year
a)1898 b)1902 c)1905 d)1910
26) Where the tomb of the Mughal Emperor is located? a)Agra
b)Delhi c)Lahore d)Kashmir Ans: A

27) Banaras Hindu University was established in
a)1905 b)1897 c)1916 d)1920
28) Founder of Banaras Hindu University a)Motilal Nehru
b)Madan Mohan Malaviya c)Jawaharlal Nehru
d)Lala lajpat Rai Ans: B

29) Political Guru of Mahatma Gandhi
a) Mahadev Govind Ranade
b) Dadabahi Naoroji
c) Gopal Krishna Gokhale
d) Lala lajpat Rai Ans: C

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30) Mahatma Gandhi was first nominated for the Nobel Prize in a)1932
b)1935 c)1937 d)1940

31) In which year,Annie Besant become the president of INC
a)1912 b)1917 c)1920 d)1921
32) The All India Muslim League was formed in the year a)1902
b)1903 c)1905 d)1906

33) In which year Mahatma Gandhi became the President of INC
a)1921 b)1924 c)1926 d)1930
Ans: B
34) In which INC Conference,M K Gnadhi elected as the president of INC a)Belgaum
b)Madras c)Bankipur d)Poona Ans: A

35) The capital city of Maratha Kingdom during the reign of Chhatrapati Shivaji
a)Pune b)Raigad c)Shivneri d)Kolhapur Ans:B
36) In which year Shivaji was entitled as Chhatarpati Shivaji
a)1656 b)1672 c)1674 d)1679

37) How long ago did the Indus Civilisation begin
a) About 5,000 years ago
b) About 4,000 years ago
c) About 3,000 years ago
d) About 2,000 years ago Ans: A
38) The Great Bath structure found in which city during Indus Valley Civilization a)Harappa
b)Mehrgarh c)Lothal d)Mohenjo-daro Ans: D

39) Founder of Nanda Empire in Magadha
a) Dhana Nanda b)Mahendra c)Mahapadma Nanda d)Rashtrapala
40) Which King of Sri Lanka was a contemporary of King Ashoka of Magadha? a)Pandukabhaya
b) Devanampiya Tissa c)Mahasiva d)Suratissa
Ans: B

41) In which palce,Akbar was born
a)Fatehpur Sikri b)Jaipur
c)Agra d)Umerkot Ans:D
42) Who was the first to termed the great mutiny of 1857 as the First War of Indian Independence?
a) VD Savarkar
b) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
c) Mahatma Gandhi
d) Motilal Nehru Ans: A

43) The Indus Valley Civilization belongs to
a)Chalcolithic Age b)Paleolithic Age c)Mesolithic Age d)Neolithic Age Ans:D
44) Which of the following Indus Valley city had a dock?
a)Mehrgarh b)Lothal c)Mohenjo-daro d)Harappan Ans: B

45) How many Tirthanakaras are there in Jainism?
a) 18 b)20 c)22 d)24
46) Who is the 22nd Tirthanakaras? a)Neminath
b) Nami Natha c)Paeshvanath d)Mahavir Ans: A

47) Which one of the following newspaper was published by Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya in 1909?
a) Free India
b) Nav Bharat
c) The Leader d)Independent Ans:c
48) The Poona Pact agreement in 1932 was signed between Mahatma Gandhi and a)B.R.Ambedkar
b)Jawaharlaal Nehru c)Md. Ali Jinnah d)Rowlatt

49) Akbar built the Buland Darwaza to commemorate his victory over
a)Kashmir b)Gujarat c)Bengal d)Bihar Ans:B
50) Which one was the capital city during Ashoka’s empire?
a)Pataliputra b)Ujjain c)Taxila
d)None of the above Ans:A

51) Father of local-self govt
a) Lord Amherst
b) Lord Ripon
c) Lord Lytton
d) Lord Bentinck Ans:B
52) Last Hindu ruler in the Sind region a)Dahir
b)Chach c)Rai Sahasi II
d)None of these Ans: A

53) The tomb of Babur is at
a) Kabul b)Lahore c)Delhi d)Sasaram Ans:A
54) Which Mughal Emperor built a new city at Delhi known as Din Pananh? a)Babur
b) Huamyun c)Shah Jahan d)Aurangzeb Ans: B

55) Author of KITAB-UL-HIND
a) Ibn Batuta
b) Abul Fazal
c) Al Beruni
d) None of these Ans: C
56) When the Sati System was abolished? a)1829
b)1845 c)1873 d)1880
Ans: A

57) The Pakistan Resolution was passed by Mulim league in
a)1940 b)1942 c)1946 d)1947
Ans: A
58) The mosque which Qutubuddin Aibak built at Delhi soon after its capture is known as
a) Jama Masjid
b) Big Mosque c)Kuwat-ul-Islam d)Qutub-Minar Ans: C

59) Who led the Kanpur rebellion during the Indian Rebellion of 1857?
a) Babu Kunwar Singh
b) Bakht Khan
c) Rani Laxmi Bai
d) Nana Sahib Ans: D
60) The war of Kalinga was fought in the year a)261 BC
b) 270 BC
c) 253 BC
d) 242 BC
Ans: A

61) The birthplace of Gautama Buddha
a) Kapilavastu b)Lumbini c)Kushinagar d)Sarnath Ans: B
62) Badami was the capital of which dynasty a)Chola dynasty
b) Chalukya dynasty
c) Pallava dynasty
d) Varman dynasty Ans: B

63) Founder of Pala dynasty in Kamrupa
a) Brahma pala
b) Ratna pala
c) Indra Pala
d) Jaya Pala Ans: A
64) First ruler of South India to issue gold coinage a)Rajaram
b)Pulakeshi ii c)Narasimhavaraman I d)Vilramaditya ii
Ans: B

65) Author of Rajtarangini
a) Kalhana b)Banabhatta c)Abhinavagupta d)Kalidas
Ans: A
66) Which Viceroy of India established the Department of Archaeology? a)Canning
b) Rippon c)Curzon d)Mayo Ans:C

a) Mahatma Gandhi
b) Lala lajpat Rai
c) Sardar Patel
d) Bal Gangadhar Tilak Ans:D
68) Raja Ram mohan roy was the founder of a)Brahmo Samaj
b) Prarthan Samaj
c) Ram Krishna Mission
d) Arya Samaj Ans: A

69) The only AICC session mahatma Gandhi presided was held at
a)Calcutta b)Belgaum c)Madras d)Lahore Ans:B
70) First Sultan of Delhi to issue regular currency and declare Delhi as the capital of his empire was
a)Alam Shah b)Iltutmish c)Qutubuddin Aibak d)Balban
Ans: B

71) Which Gupta Emperor styled himself as KAVI RAJA?
a)Chandargupta I b)Skandagupta c)Samudragupta d)Chandragupta II Ans: C
72) The paintings in Ajanta and Ellora caves are indicative of development of art under which of the following
a) Chalukyas b)Pandyas c)Pallavas d)Rastrakutas Ans:D

73) In which year Gandhiji started Satyagraha from Champaran
a)1910 b)1912 c)1915 d)1917
Ans: D
74) First Mughal Emperor to issue gold coin a)Akbar
b) Huamyun c)Shahjahan d)Bahadur Shah I Ans: B

75) First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court established by East India Company
a) Elijah Impey
b) Courtney Illbert
c) Philip Francis
d) None of the above Ans: A
76) Who is not associated with Bhakti movement? a)Kabir
b)Nanak c)Daswant d)Tukaram Ans: C

77) THE Vijaynagara ruler krishnadev raya had close relations with
a)Portugese b)Dutch c)English d)French Ans: A
78) The rajarajeshwara Temple of Tanjore was constructed by
a) Rajaraja the Great
b) Rajendra I c)Rajadhiraja I d)Vikram Chola Ans: A

79) Which of the following was known as the Lakh Bash?
a)Qutubudin Aibak b)Iltutmish c)Balban d)Alauddin Khilji Ans:A
80) Rajatarngini written by Kalhana is associated with
a)Chandragupta’s reign b)Anthology of lyrics
c) History of Kashmir
d) Reign of Krishna Deva Raya Ans:C

81) The famous Persian poet Amir Khusrow lived in the court of
a)Ala-ud-din-khilji b)Muhammad Tughlaq c)Kutub-ud-din Aibak d)Iltutmish
82) The Khilafat movement was started in the year a)1913
b)1919 c)1921 d)1927
Ans: B

83) Who built the famous Shiva temple at Ellora?
a)Gupta King Samudra Gupta b)Chalukyan King Pulikeshi ii c)Rastrakuta Ruler Krishna I d)Mauryan Emperor Ashoka Ans:C
84) Where did the Black-Hole tragedy took place?
a)Murshidabad b)Dacca c)Monghyr d)Calcutta
Ans: D

85) Ajatsatru was the son of
a)Bimbisara b)Udayin c)Shisunga
d)None of the above Ans:A
86) The Asiatic society was established in Calcutta by a)Warren Hastings
b) Sir William Jones
c) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
d) TB Macaulay Ans: B

87) Who had suggested the Saptanga theory of State?
a)Kautilya b)Ashok
c)Swami Vivekananda d)Aryabhatta
Ans: A
88) Who among the following is the 7th part of the State according to Saptang Theory of State?
a)Janapad b)Danda c)Mitra d)Kosha Ans: C

89) Who addressed Gandhiji as ONE MAN BOUNDARY FORCE?
a)Rabindranath Tagore b)Lord Mountbatten c)Jawaharlal Nehru d)Subahs Chandra Bose Ans: B
90) The Chief of mercahnts in the Gupta age was called as
a)Kulik b)Samaharta c)Shreshthi d)Sarthavaha Ans:D

91) Which one of the following cities was known as SHIRAZ OF EAST?
a)Jaunpur b)Lahore c)Agra d)Lakhnauti Ans: A
92) Author of kanun-i-Hamayuni
a) Gulbadan Begum b)Jauahar c)Khwanda Mir
d)Mirja Haider Doglat Ans:C

93) The Young Bengal movement in the 19th century was inspired by a)Rasik Kumar Mallick
b) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
c) Henry Vivian Deozia
d) Krishna Kumar Mitra Ans: C
94) Slavery was abolished in India by the Act of a)1826
b)1833 c)1845 d)1858
Ans: B

95) Satavahana ruler who performed Ashwamegh yagya twice was
a)Krishna b)Shatkarni-I c)Shimuke d)Rudraman Ans: B
96) In which period agriculture community was originated
a)Chalcolithic b)Mesolithic c)Neolithic d)Paleolithic Ans: C

97) Which one of the following Janapada was not included in 16 Mahajanpada?
a)Kalinga b)Kamboj c)Gandhar d)Ashmak Ans: A
98) The Khalifa who agve legal recognition as a Sultan of Delhi to Iltutmish was
a)Abbasi b)Almansoor
c)Al-Mustansir bilah d)Suleman
Ans: C

99) Fisrt ruler to introduce the silver coin named RUPIA
a) Iltutmish b)Alauddin Khilji c)Akbar d)Shershah Suri

Ans: D

100) Who was Dadaji Kondadeva? a)Shivaji’s Grand father
b) Shivaji’s Guardian tutor c)Shivaji’s maternal uncle d)Shivaji’s Elder brother Ans:B