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Social History of Assam: British Annexation Of Assam History - Colonial Assam

British Annexation Of Assam History - Colonial Assam

History Of Assam

The first district of Assam that came under British rule was---GOALPARA DISTRICT after the transfer of Deewani from Mughals to British in Aug 12,1765.

The district was influenced by most of the tribal people.

During 1822 jan,Dhuburi,Nageswari,Goalpara and Karaibari were placed under a special administrative unit called NORTH-EASTERN PARTS OF RANGPUR.

1824—The first Anglo-Burmese war was commenced and by march 28 the British occupied Guwahati.

1825-The Burmese occupiers withdrawn the capital of Ahom Rangpur and the Brahmaputra Valley came under British administration.

1826(Feb 24) –The Yandaboo Peace treaty was held for bringing peace between Burmese and East India Company and ended the first Anglo-Burmese war.

1828---The Kachari kingdom was annexed under the Doctrine of Lapse and King Govinda Chandra was killed.

1828---Gomdhar Konwar raised a movement but he was suppressed.

1830—Dhananjoy Burhagohain,Piyali Phuakan and Jiuram Medhi were sentenced to death.

● 1832----The Khasi king surrendered and Jaintia rulers were also influenced.

1833-Upper Assam came under the British rule during the last powerful ruler of Ahom Purandar Singha.

1838 ---The entire upper Assam region including Moran/Motok territory was annexed.With this annexation of entire Assam was completed by British.

Assam was include under Bengal presidency.

1837---Starting of manufacturing of Tea.

1838—The Wasteland Rules was made and the natives of Assam were not allowed to plant Tea.

1839—Assam tea Company was started by British.

1843---The Chinese staff was imported for plantation of Tea.

1854---The Wasteland rule was made liberal.

● 1857—Maniram Dewan and Piyali Baruah were executed for their roles in non- cooperation movement.

1859---Central Indian labour was imported for tea plantations and they were made slaves by them.Somehow 10% of them survived in the inhuman condition on their journey.

Already the Britshers had monopoly over opium trade.

1861—Peasants of nagaon gathered at Phulaguri and protested against betel-nut and paan Singer was killed by the peasants and after this the peasants were violently suppressed.

● 1874—Assam was separated from Bengal Presidency and Sylhet distrcut was added to it and was upgraded to Chief Commissioners’s province also known as North-East frontier. Capital---Shillong

● New commissionership include four new districts of Assa,—Nagaon,Darrang
,Sibsagar and Lakshimpur .Also Khasi-Jaintia Hills,Garo hills,Naga Hills ,Goalpara
,Kamrup,Cachar .

1889—Crude oil was discovered at Digboi and oil industry started to develop.

● During this period many peasants die in Nagaon area due to starvation by paying taxes to the british.the remaining labours were used in coal mining,Oil drilling ,opium industry and tea.

1894----peasants were disturbed in their agricultural work and they started a revolt against the british at Patahrughat .

1903---Assam Association was formed .Manik Chandra Baruah was the first secretary.

1905—The partition of Bengal was held and Eastern Bengal was added to Chief Commisioners Province of Eastern Bengal and Assam. New Capital---Dhaka

The partition was strongly opposed.

1911—Delhi was made the capital of INDIA.

1905-1908---The Swadeshi movement started and noted revolutinarist like Ambikagiri Rai choudhary influenced the people of Assam to support the movement.

1905—1921-------Illegal immigrants from East Bengal started to increase in Assam which gave rise to Assam agitation of 1979.

1920-21---During Non-Coperation movement Assam Association was transformed into Assam Pradesh Congress Committee .

●A legislative councilwas added to Chief Commissioners’s Province with amembers of
25. Out of these 13 were nominated and 12 members were elected .
1919—Under Govt of India Act 1919 ,the members of legislative council was increased to 53.out of which 33 were elected by special constituencies

1924-1929---Syed Md Sadullah served as Education and Agriculture minister of Assam.

1935---Under Govt of India act ,the members of the assembly was increased to 108.

1947—Gopinath Bordoloi became the first Chief minister of Assam.
With these the annexation and administration of the British ended in Assam and in India.


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