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1) India’s first satellite of 2020 GSAT-30 was successfully launched is a—
a) Remote Sensing Satellite b)Communication Satellite c)Spy Satellite d)Metrological Satellite Ans:B
Launched by European Space Agency’s heavy lift launch Vehicle Ariane-5 (VA251) at Kourou in French Guiana on JAN 17,2020.
2) Aditya-L 1 is a spacecraft ,whose mission is to study the SUN.It will study? a)Sun’s Corona
b) Sun’s Photosphere
c) Sun’s Chromospheres
d) None of these.
India’s first solar mission to be launched by the ends of 2020.

3) Very Large Array(VLA) ,a radio astronomy observatory which led to the recent discovery of smallest galaxies known to host massive black holes,is located in
a) Paris b)Hawaii Island
c) New York
d) Central New Mexico Ans:D
4) Anti-Satellite test conducted by India .Which is not correct ? a)The Test was named as Operation Shakti.
b) India is the second Asian Country to conduct this test.
c) The test is in violation of Outer Space Treaty.
d) The test was conducted by ISRO. Ans:A
The name of the test is Mission Shakti done on 27 March,2019.

5) The study of images of deities falls within a branch of art history called
a)Pictography. b)Lithography c)Icthyography d)Iconography Ans:D
6) Earth imaging Satellite Goafen-10 has been launched onboard Long March 4C rocket by—
a) Russia b)China c)Israel d)Japan Ans:B
In 2019.

7) NEON the artificial human is claimed to have been developed by
a) STAR Labs of Samsung
b) Apple Inc
c) Microsoft Corporation d)Adobe Inc
Samsung Technology and Advanced Research Labs. Head—Pranav Mistry (Scientist)
8) Name the project recently initiated by ISRO to safeguard Indian Space assets from debris and other harm.
a) Project NETRA
b) Project DRISHTI
c) Project ROSHNI
d) Project SPACE Ans:A
Launched by ISRO in 2019
Full form—Network for space objects,tracking and analysis.

9) Peter Higgs from UK and Francois Englert from Belgium has shared the 2013 Nobel Prize in which subject?
a) Chemistry b)Medicine c)Literature d)Physics Ans:D
2019—Jim Peebles(Evolution of the universe and Earth’s place in the cosmos)
10) The 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry is awarded to Akira Yoshino,M.Stanley Whittingha and John B.Goodenough for which of the following works?
a) For the direct evolution of enzymes.
b) For the phase display of peptides and antibodies
c) For the optical tweezers and their application to biological sysytems
d) For the development of lithium-ion batteries Ans:D

11) Where is the headquarter of International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) that seeks to promote the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and to inhibit its use for any military purpose,including nuclear weapons?
a)Pris,France b)New York,USA
c)New Delhi,India d)Vienna,Austria Ans:D
12) Which country has opened the largest solar farm in Southeast Asia? a)Vietnam
b)People’s Republic of China c)Myanmar
d)India Ans:A

13) The book THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES was written by
a) Linnaeus b)Lanmarck c)Mendel d)Darwin Ans:D
Published in 1859 by John Murray.
14) The study of bones is done under the branch of science called a)Geology
b) Serology c)Orology d)Osteology Ans:D

15) A new frog species named Polypedates Bengalensis has been found in residential areas of
a)Badu,Nort 24 Pargana district b)Khordana-hala, South 24 Pargana district c)Malda town
d)Both A and B Ans:D
16) A new species of signal fish named Pteropsaron indicum has been discovered in a)The Ganges near Sahibganj
b) Deep waters of the Lakshwa-dweep Sea off Kerala Coast
c) Andaman Island Coast
d) Kochchi Harbour Ans:B

17) Which satellite is dedicated as India’s first multi wavelength space observatory?
a)Astrosat b)SARAL c)SRMSAT
Ans:A .Launched on 2015 as PSLV –XL
18) In Electronic Communication Systems,noise refers to
a) Unwanted signals that tend to disturb the transmission and processing of message signals
b) Loud music harming the eardrums c)Sensation of hearing that is not audible d)Unwanted sensations that disturb messages Ans:A

19) Which of the following is a commonly used chemical method for purifying water?
a)Hibernation b)Excavation c)Chlorination d)Denitrification Ans:C
20) Which of the following is a part of the process involved in water cycle?
a)Evaporation b)Sublimation c)Freezing d)Melting Ans:A

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21) Name the nuclear-capable surface-to-surface intercontinental ballistic missile developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation(DRDO)?
a)Prithvi iii b)Trishul c)Agni 5
d)Barak -8
Ans:C .Launched in 2018
22) What is the application of the GSAT-32 satellite launched by India on 6 Feb,2019? a)Earth Observation
b) Navigation
c) Climate and Environment d)Communication
Used for digital audio,data and video broadcasting. GSAT-Geosynchronous satellites.

23) With which foreign country India has collaborated to develop the supersonic cruise missile called Brahmos?
a)France b)China c)Japan d)Russia
Ans:D. It was developed in June 12,2001.
24) Which space agency has created history in October 2019 by sending all women astronauts into the space walk?
a)Roscosmos(Russia) b)NASA(USA)
c)ISRO(India) d)CNSA(China) Ans:B

25) Which of the following is the India’s first indigenously developed vaccine?
a) BCG
b) Rotavac c)DPT
d)Inject able Polio vaccine
Ans:B.It was developed in 1986 by Bharat Biotech Limited
26) A Geostationary satellite is positioned at a distance of how many km above main sea level
a)35,800 b)37,800 c)35,786 d)32,000
A Satellite used to provide visible and infrared images of Earth’s surface and atmosphere for weather observation,oceanography and atmospheric tracking.

27) What is the name of the new dwarf planet which was discovered in 2005?
a) Eris b)Erin c)Eros d)Eric Ans:A
28) Why is radiocarbon dating not good for material more than 30,000 years old? a)Because all animals emitted radiocarbon before that time
b) Because radiocarbon was not present anywhere before that time
c) Because the amount of C14 becomes almost immeasurably small in 30,000 years
d) Because carbon extraction was not known before 30,000 years Ans:C
It is used to determine the age of an object containing organic material .The method was developed by Willard Libby in 1940s in University of Chicago.

29) Which of the following company designed the world’s first 30-KW class ATHENA drone destroying laser?
a)Boeing b)Thales
c)Lockheed Martin d)Raytheon

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30) The Nobel prize for Physics in 2018 was awarded for pioneering work in which field?
a) Laser Physics
b) Quantum Mechanics c)Thermodynamics d)Aerodynamics
Awarded to Arthur Ashkin

31) The name of the scientist who designed India’s first space satellite Aryabhatta is
a) Prof.u.Rao b)Prof.Yashpal c)Prof.C.N.R.Rao d)Dr A.S.Kiran Kumar
Ans:A.It was first launched in 1975,19 April.
32) Which of the following is not true about optical fibres? a)They provide longer number of connectivity for telephones
b) They are less noisy
c) They are cheaper
d) They have longer life-time Ans:C

33) First Indian director of the Indian Institute of Science ,Bangalore?
a) Dorabji Tata
b) C.V Raman
c) Homi Jehangir Bhaba
d) Satish Dhawan Ans:B
34) National organization working in the area of computers and communication technology is
a) National Informatics centre
b) National Association of Software and Services Companies c)Department of Information Technology
d)All of these Ans:D

35) Select the correct non-renewable source of energy
a)Hydel b)Thermal c)Solar d)Wind Power Ans:B
36) Which is correct about Richter scale
a) It was devised in 1935 by Charles F.Richter
b) It described the quantity of energy released by a single earthquake.
c) Both a and b
d) None of these Ans:C

37) Which instrument is used to measure humidity?
a)Hydrometer b)Hygrometer c)Pedometer d)Pyrometer Ans:B
38) Scientists estimate Earth’s average Albedo rate is about
a)35% b)60% c)30% D)70%

39) What is artificial Intelligence?
a)Making a Machine Intelligence b)Programming with your own intelligence c)Putting more memory into Computer
d)Putting your intelligence into Computer Ans:A
40) Father of Artificial intelligence a)Charles Babbage
b) Lee De Forest
c) John McCarthy d)Microsoft Ans:C

41) LIGO stands for
a) Laser Interferometer Gravitational wave observatory
b) Light Interfermometer Gravitataional wave observatory
c) Light Induced Gravity Observatory
d) Laser Induced Gaseous Optics Ans:A, USA
42) A Satellite is used for a)Communication b)Weather forecasting c)Agriculture and forestry d)All of the above

43) Which of the following terms is related to rearing of honey-bees?
a)Sericulture b)Pisciculture c)Tissue culture d)Apiculture Ans:D
44) Scientists from which country have created the world’s first WATER-WAVE LASER that emits a beam through the interaction of light and water waves
a)China b)Israel c)India d)USA

45) Father of Indian Archaeology
a)Alexander Cunningham b)John Marshall
c) Mortimer Wheeler
d) James Prinsep Ans:D
46) Arihant is the name of a)An infantry combat vehicle
b) A ballistic missile
c) An attack helicopter
d) A nuclear powered submarine Ans:D

47) Indian satellite series which is being used for telecommunication system is
a) Rohini b)IRS c)CARTOSAT d)INSAT
Indian National Satellite System ---1983 by ISRO.
48) The time period of revolution of a geo-stationary satellite is a)12 hrs
b) 24 hrs
c) 48 hrs
d) 6 hrs Ans:B

49) Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd) battery is used in
a) Calculator
b) Cordless electronic appliances c)Transistors
d)All of the above Ans:D
50) India’s multitask supersonic fighter plane was named TEJAS by a)Atal Bihari Bajpai
b) Air Marshal Jasbir Wali
c) Narendra Modi
d) Abdul Kalam Ans:A

51) The 750 MW Rewa Ultra MEGA Solar Plant is located in which of the following states?
a)Kanpur,UP b)Nagpur,Maharastra c)Rewa,MP d)Hyderabad,Telangana Ans:C
52) The Y-20 aircraft is a large military transport aircraft of which of the following countries?
a)Japan b)India c)China d)France Ans:C

53) Radioactivity is measured by
a)GM Counter b)Polarimeter c)Calorimeter d)Colorimeter Ans:A
54) Which of the following fuels would produce minimum environmental pollution?
a)Hydrogen b)Diesel c)Kerosene d)Coal Ans:A

55) An artificial satellite can be tracked very precisely from the earth by using
a)Doppler b)Radar c)Sonar d)Pulsar Ans:A
56) A Mobile phone charger is
a) An inverter
b) A step up transformer
c) A step down transformer
d) An UPS

57) Which one of the following is not a natural hazard?
a)Earthquake b)Tsunami c)Flash Flood
d)Nuclear accidents Ans:D
58) A communication satellite is launched from the surface of earth along the direction
a) South to north
b) North to South
c) West to East
d) East to West Ans:C

59) Which one of the following elements does not occur in a free state in nature?
a)Carbon b)Silver c)Silicon d)Sulphar Ans:A
60) Father of Scientific management
a) Henry Fayol
b) Elton Mayo
c) Cheston Bernard d)F.W.Taylor

61) Govt of India in collaboration with Norwegian govt has established a centre for Biodiversity Policy and Law at
a)Dehradun b)Chennai c)Shillong d)New Delhi Ans:B
62) Geo stationary ,satellite revolves at
a) Any height
b) At fixed height
c) Height above pole
d) Height which depends upon its mass Ans:B

63) Who developed the hot spot concept in 1988?
a)M.S.Swaminathan b)P.K.Iyengar c)Norman Myres
d)George bush Ans:C
64) Why microbeads are a great concern about the environment? a)They are considered harmful to marine ecosystems.
b) They are considered to cause skin cancer in children
c) They are small enough to be absorbed by crop plants in irrigated fields
d) They are often found to be used as food adulterants Ans:A
Small piece of material manufacture for personal care products,cosmetics and detergents.

65) Inventor of Spinning Jenny
a) Sir Richard Arkwright
b) Sir Issac Pitman
c) Harry Brearley
d) James Hargreaves Ans:D. 1770
66) Ore of Aluminium a)Borax
b)Dolomite c)Carnallite d)Bauxite Ans:D

67) Which Arab Scientist could be given the credit of christening the mathematical discipline of alogarithm?
a)Al-Khwarizmi b)Ibn-al-Haytham c)Ibn Rushsd
d)Ibn Sina Ans:A 68)Prahaar is
a) A battle tank
a) A Surafce-to-surface missile
b) An aircraft carrier
c) A Submarine Ans:B
Developed by DRDO in 2018

69) Which type of plastic is water bottle made from?
a)Thermoplastic b)PVC
c)Polyurethane d)Themosetting Ans:C
70) Which planet was explored by Cassini Mission launched by NASA,Which ended in SEP 2017?
a)Sun b)Neptune c)Saturn d)Jupiter Ans:C

71) One carbon credit is accepted as equivalent to
a) 100 Kg of Carbon
b) 100 kg of Carbon dioxide
c) 1000 kg of Carbon
d) 1000 kg of Carbon dioxide Ans:B
72) India’s first indigenously designed and developed long-range subsonic cruise missile which can be deployed from multiple platforms?
a)Astra b)Akash c)Nirbhay d)Shankhnaad Ans:C
In 2017 by DRDO

73) White Coal is
a)Uranium b)Hydro-electricity c)Ice
d)Diamond Ans:B
74) The Bio-tech Krishi Innovation Science Application Network (Bio-tech KISAN)aims to
a) Understand the problems of water,soil,seed and market faced by the afrmers and provide simple solutions to them.
b) The Scheme will be implemented in 15 agro-climatic zones of Indian in phased manner.
c) Both a and b
d) None of these Ans:C

75) Which air pollution control device is suitable for removing the finest dust form the air?
a)Cyclone separator b)Electrostatic Precipitator c)Fabric filter
d)Wet Scrubber Ans:B
76) What is SAGAR VANI?
a) An integrated information dissemination syste, related to education.
b) An integrated information dissemination system related to ocean alerts
c) An integrated information dissemination system related to industries
d) An integrated information dissemination system related to professional skill development.

77) With whom ICMR signed a pact for vaccine research and development recently
a)International vaccine Institute b)National Vaccine Institute c)International Institute of vaccination
d)National Institute of vaccine Immunology Ans:B
78) Latest discovery about SUN
a) Sun’s core and surface rotate at the same speed
b) Sun’s core rotates four times faster than its surface
c) Sun’s surface rotates four time faster than its core
d) Sun’s core do nit rotate Ans:B

79) Which of the following institute gas recently launched India’s heaviest rocket which put GSAT-19 in space?
80) Which is not related to environment and ecology? a)SATAT(Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable Transportataion) b)UNSDF(United Nations Sustainable development fund) c)LEMOA(Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement) d)WAYU(Wind Augmenting Purifying Unit)

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81) The world’s first SELF –DRIVING taxi service has been launched in which country?
a) China b)Singapore c)Japan d)Russia
Ans:B BY nuTonomy in 2016
82) First Solar power aircraft to circumnavigate the earth a)Solar Impulse-4
b) Solar Impulse-2
c) Solar Impulse-3
d) Solar Impulse-1 Ans:B

83) Best solution to get rid of non-biodegradable waste is
a)Burning b)Dumping c)Burrying d)Recycling Ans:D
84) The Cleanest fuel for motorized vehicles
a)Hydrogen b)CNG c)LNG
d)Biofuel Ans:A

85) What is Solar Impulse 2?
a)Solar-powered mobile phone b)Solar –powered missile c)Solar-powered submarine d)Solar-powered plane
86) Which is not correctly matched a)Computer:Charles Babbage b)Radio:Karl Benz c)Barometer:E.Torricelli d)Dynamo:Michael Faraday

87) The communication satellite are invariably
a)Revolving at their own speed b)Stationary
c) Geostationary
d) Changing their track and speed Ans:C
88) Which of the following is not a biome? a)Desert
b)Grassland c)Ecosystem d)Tundra Ans:C
Biome means a large naturally occurring community of flora and fauna occupying a major habitat

89) Oparin’s theory about Origin of Life is related to
a)Biological evolution b)Artificial evolution c)Chemical evolution
d)physical evolution Ans:C
90) The term BIOMAGNIFICATIONS is referred to a)Increase in body weight
b) Uncontrolled growth of harmful organisms
c) Accumulation of increasing amount of non-degradable pollutant through food chain
d) Increase in the number of bacteria in a culture medium Ans:C

91) Which was invented by Sir Humphry Davy?
a) Safety Pin
b) Steam Engine
c) Safety Lamp d)X-Rays Ans:C
92) First Atomic reactor in India a)Purnima-1
b)Apsara c)Kamini d)Dhruva Ans:B

93) First digital wallet company in India
a)Paytm b)Mobikwik c)Freecharge d)Payzip Ans:B
94) Oneer TM is an/an
a)Innovative technology for Drinking Water Disinfection system b)Antiviral herbal medicine
c)Bio-fertilizer d)Deadly bacteria Ans:A

95) First country to print plastic currency
a)Canada b)Sweden c)Australia d)New Zealand Ans:C in 1988
96) Which country is planning to develop an ARTIFICIAL MOON which will be a geostationary satellite
a) USA
b) France c)China d)India Ans:C

97) At what temperature (In farenheit)pure water freezes
b)0 c)48 d)37
98) In which graphics ,digital photos and scanned images are typically stored with extension such s .bmp,.png,.jpg,.gif etc?
a)Bitmap b)Pixels c)Plane
d)Both A AND B Ans:A

99) Which metal is used for making filaments of bulb
a)Fe b)An c)Ag d)W Ans:D
100) India’s first National Policy on Biofuels declared in the year a)2014
b)2015 c)2017 d)2018