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History Of Assam

◆The Moamoria rebellion started in 18th century.

The conflict held between the Ahoms and the Motok(Chutia+Morans) and Kacharis.

The Moamoria’s means the motoks developed Sattras and it was raising its popularity.

Due to the rising popularity of Sattras most of the young boys wanted to work in the Sattras instead of working under Paik system for the Ahoms.

◆ The entire Ahom economy was based on the Paik system which was disturbed by the Sattras of the MOAMORIA’S.

So ,the manpower of the Ahom kingdom was decreasing which led to the beginning of the conflict between the Ahom and the Motok ,hence the rebellion started.

The Moamoria Satra adherents were followers of KALA-SAMHATI sect but the sattras made by the Ahoms followed other sects .

Lakshmi Singha was the ruler of the AHOM KINGDOM during the starting of the rebellion i.e---1769

Srimanta Sankardeva himself had to escaped to the Koch kingdom during the reign of Suklengmung because he made the Satras for both Brahmin and non- Brahmin.

As the Ahoms encouraged only the Brahmins to work in the Satras and non- Brahmins should work under Paik System.

King Prataap Singha demolished the Kalabari Satra and Kuruabahi Satras .he successors also followed the same policy of oppression.

King jayaddhaj Singha reversed this policy until the rule of Sulikpha it remained reverse.

But King Gadadhar Singha again changed it and suppressed the Moamoria Sattras.

During the reign of king Siba Singha his wife Bor Raja Phuleswari Kunwori supported Shaktism of Hindu religion which led to more conflict with the Satra Adhikaris.

One of the important reason of the rebellion was the punishment given by Kirti Chndra Barbarua of Ahom to Nahar,the chief of the Morans who came to make annual offer of elephant which was found lean and haggard.

Nahar was very upset with this and wanted to take revenge.

The rebellion reached the climax when Moamoria Gossain was being indifferent by the Moamoria’s.

So ,finally the Moamoria’s gatered and they attacked at the capital of Ahom at Rangpur.

1769,Nov 21 the Ahom king was defeated and the son of Naharkhora
,Ramananda was put in the throne.

The Ahom king Lakshmi Singha was captured and put in Jail.

The high officials were also removed .

Raag neog became the Borbarua.

A Kanri paik became the Borphukan.

Two common AHOMS became the Gohains at Sadiya and Marangi.

But the rebels were inexperienced to run the kingdom so soon after they were attacked by the Ahoms again and thrown out of the kingdom.

All of them were put in jail.

King Lakshmi Singha was released.

1782 ---Again the reaming rebels attacked and overthrow the king under the leadership of Govinda Gaoburha.

The Borpatrogohain and Dhekial phukan of Ahom were killed.

When they entered towards the capital Rangpur they were captured by the new Bopatrogihain and cavalry from Manipur King and Govinda Gaoburha was put un jail.

Some of the rebels escaped to the jungle and started Guerilla warfare under the leadership of LEPHERA, PARAMANDA and others.

But they were eliminated by the force of Borpatrogohains.

The Burhagohains destroyed the villages and the people of the villages died of starvation.The remaing people fled away to different places.

NOMAL---the last leader was captured and executed and here ends the first phase of the rebellion.

1783—A group of rebels again re-attacked Rangpur and Garhgaon .

1786- Under the leadership of Harihar Tanti an army of Moamorias and Dafla- Bhatiyas were raised.

Pitambar ,the grand son of late Moamoria Satradhikar was relased who was in custody of Auntati Satra.

1788—King Gaurinatah Singha and the inhabitanst fled from the capital.

The Ahom capitals were captured by the Moamorias and Harihar tanti started ruling the north bank of Brahmaputra ,Howha ruling Majuli,Sarbananda ruling the Moran tracts from Bengmara.

New King=---Bharat.

1792---The Counter attack by the Ahoms with the help of Manipur King .

Purnanda buragohain shifted the capital of Ahom to Dichoi which later on named as Jorhat .

King Gaurinath Singha seeked help from East India Company to help .

Lord Cornwallis ,the Governer General provided with sepoys and send Cptain Thomas Welsh to Assam who arrived at Goalpara in 1792.

Captain Welsh brought 550 well trained armed troops and easily occupied Guwahati .

1794—Captain restored Rangpur to Gaurinath Singha.

1794-Gaurinath Singha died in Jorhat.

Kamaleswar Singha became the new king.

1796– Phophai,a rebel was killed.

1799-Bharat ,the rebel king died.

1802-1806—Sarbananda tried hard to remain but he was thrown out of Bengmara and in return for peace he was given the title of Borsenapat and MATAK territory was conceded to him known as Motok tract .

With this the rebellion ended and the paik system was also ended.

By this time the Ahoms also became very weak in manpower and economically too.

1817-Burmese used political crisis to invade Ahom kingdom and rule for 5 years.

1826---Anglo-Burmese war held and the Yandaboo treaty was signed.



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