Assam History GK,Assam History 100 Questions Answers for ASSAM POLICE SI/AB/UB/APSC

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Assam History GK question and answer for APSC, Assam Police, Junior Assistant, Forest, TET, PNRD & various Govt. Jobs recruitment in Assam.

Assam History GK Question and Answer

Assam History GK,Assam History 100 Questions Answers for ASSAM POLICE SI/AB/UB/APSC,,Assam History GK question and answer for APSC, Assam Police, Junior Assistant, Forest, TET, PNRD & various Govt. Jobs recruitment in Assam.

1)Which of the following was Srimanta Sankardev’s teacher?

Ans:Mahendra Kandali.

2) The royal symbols of the kings of ancient Kamrupa was 


3)Who is considered as Shivaji of North-eastern India?

Ans:Rudra Singha.

4)Rang Ghar was constructed during the reign of?

Ans:Rudra Singha.

5)Rang Ghar was re-constructed by?

Ans:Pramatta Singha.

6) Tularam Senapati was the chief of 


7) Kundil Nagar is situated in 


8) Niladdhaj founded the dynasty of 


9) The Swahid of Assam during Quit India Movement?

Ans:Kushal Kunwar.

10) Organise ,knock at the door and you will find the door opened?

Ans:Omeo Kumar Das.

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11) The first President of the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee?

Ans: Nabin Chandra Bordoloi.

12) The first Borpatra Gohain was 


13) Nitipal was the king of 


14) Haradatta and Biradutta joined the 

Ans:Dondua Revolt.

15) The temple at basisthaasram was built by 

Ans:Rajeswar Singha.

16) Suwaguritula — a custom connected with 

Ans:Assamese Marriage.

17) The Ahom invasion to Assam took place in 


18) The Barbaruah and Barphuakn were created by 

Ans:Pratap Singha.

19) The Chutiya Kingdom was conquered by 

Ans:Suhungmuhung Dihingia Roja.

20) The Kachari King to assume he Title PRATAP NARAYAN after defeating the Ahoms was Ans:Nirbhaynarayan.


21) Who among the following literateurs did not receive the patronage of the Koch king Naranarayan?

Ans:Madhab Kandali.

22) Rudra Singha first built the RANG GHAR with bamboo and wood.It was rebuilt with brick and mortar by 

Ans: Pramatta Singha.

23) The Battle of Mahargarh was fought between 

Ans: Chandrakanta Singha and Burmese.

24)Which of the following is the most important source of Assam history?

Ans:Harsha Charita.

25)The earliest king of Assam 

Ans: Mahiranga Danava.

26)The battle of Saraighat next to Lachit Barohukan was the LEADERSHIP OF 

Ans:Raj Mantri Aton Buragohan Daangariya.

27) The Chief Commissionership was introduced in Assam 


28)The tribe of Assam having largest size of population next to the Bodos is 

Ans:The Karbis.

29) The Ahoms who entered into Assam established their capital at 


30) Hiuen Tsang visited Assam in 640 AD.He was received by the king 

Ans: Kumar Bhaskar Varman.

31) With Maniram Dewan was hanged 

Ans:Pioli Barua.

32)Year 1894 is related to 

Ans:Patharughat Battle.

33)1836 was crucial in case of Assamese —language and literature because 

Ans:Because Bengali was introduced as the official language.

34)The Satradhikar who played on active role in social reform and the Freedom Movement of India was Ans: Auniatiya Satradhikar.

35) In which year Burma was annexed by the British 


36) The popular upsrising in Assam known as Patharugaht Battle took place in the year Ans:1894 37) The last independent Ahom king was 

Ans:Purandar Singha.

38) The King nicknamed Bhagaraja was 


39) A Pioneer lady responsible for forming the Mrityu bahini in Assam 

Ans:Pushpalata Das.

40) Ibn Batuta ,the celebrated traveler visited Assam in 

Ans:14' Century.

41) Gandhiji visited Assam in 


42)The author of Asomiya Sahityar Buronji was 

Ans:Devendranath Bezbarua.

43) Assam region was separated from Bengal province in 


44) The illustration of medieval Assamese text Hastividyarnava was done by 

Ans:Sukumar Barkaith.

45) Gohain Kamal Ali from Koch Behar to Narayanpur was constructed during the reign of Ans:Narayan 

46) The first Ahom monarch to assume the title of Swaragnarayan was 

Ans: Suhungmuhung.

47) The title of the overall administrative head of lower Assam region during the Ahom rule was 

Ans: Barphukan.

48)The first rebellion against the British rule in Assam in 1828 was led by 

Ans: Gomdhar Kunwar.

49) Which district was separated from Assam and given to Pakistan in 1947?


50) The three Capitals of Ahom Kingdom